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Machines for making cardboard boxes

Mašine za izradu kartonskih kutija

EMproject 89 offers a whole line of machines for the production of cardboard boxes meant for transport–machines that complete the entire production cycle. Our machines are ideal for large production processes, as well as for individual use. By implementing different kinds of equipment, we cater to the specific needs of every individual customer.


Automatic packing machines

Paper rolls bundlers, wrappers and case packers machines

Emproject 89 offers automatic and semi-automatic machines for packaging powders, grain-like materials, as well as liquids. Along with specific requests, we always adhere to the highest standards of hygiene. Our machines are characteristic for their safety features and easy use.


Additional equipment

Pneumatske i hidrauličke prese,Varilica za posude,Varilica za polipropilensku foliju,Varilica za polietilensku foliju,Mlin za kafu,Mlin za šećer,Trakasti transporteri,Pužni transporteri

The additional equipment implies manufacturing additional parts/components, as well as tuning and adapting the machine itself, after consultation with the client/buyer. This goes for both the cardboard assembly machines, as well as the machines for automatic packaging.

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