EM Project 89 boxes atop a Box Maker Flexo

Industry leader

EMProject 89 focuses on design, construction and production of machines for packaging and cardboard, as well as tooling and other parts at the request of customers. Using modern equipment and software, our business policy is based on high quality, reliable and cost-effective product. A team of mechanical engineers with years of experience, enriched with young experts tries to achieve strong relationships and customer satisfaction. Our mission is to develop innovative solutions and offer our clients not only products and services, but also our knowledge and operational support.

Our Vision

To be the kind of business partner known and recognized for high quality products and dependable service...


To fulfil all of the client’s needs through maximum innovation and dedication. A product of quality equals a satisfied customer..

Box Maker vision

About partnership with EM Project 89

Our Strengths

EMproject 89 justifies the client’s expectations through a simple, yet effective strategy :

  • a constant improvement of the work process as well as the product itself,
  • introducing innovations into the production program,
  • following the latest trends in the field of mechanical and technological advancements (at conventions dedicated to innovations, etc.),
  • staying in constant contact with clients for feedback,
  • maintaining a consistent level of quality,
  • adjusting the machine to the needs of the individual customer, not the other way around.


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  • Reka 40
    Novo Selo

  • 36216 Vrnjačka Banja

  • Working Hours

  • Monday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00 CET

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