Gluing machine for corrugated boxes


Semi automatic gluing solution

Box gluing doesn’t need to be expensive. With our LN-2400 gluing machine, you will get a cost effective solution to glue your boxes. Machine is pedal operated and the speed of the machine is finely tuned by a frequency regulator. The operator simply places a stack of plates in the machine magazine and regulates the workflow by pressing a foot pedal. While passing through the machine, boxes are treated with glue by applying it to the glue flap and the operator folds the box.

Simple and efficient

Simplicity that does the job

The simple construct of the machine allows it to be highly reliable and efficient. The setup process takes minutes and the magazine of the machine can handle stacks of up to 50cm in height. After a stack is glued another one is simply placed in and the process can continue.

Corrugated sheets on the gluing machine
Corrugated sheets stacked on the gluing machine

Effortless handling

Plain placement and movement

The machine is resting on wheels, thus allowing it to be moved around your production space within minutes. The option of wheels is solely dependent on the safety requests of the market and either wheels or legs are standard equipment.

Time saving

And resource friendly

Along with quick setup of the gluing, there is also the possibility of fine tuning the amount of glue to be applied to the surface. The glue tank allows for the excess glue to be reused when needed.

Corrugated boxes in the magazine of the gluing machine


The gluing machine LN-2400 is the perfect choice for gluing in short and medium runs. An affordable machine with low setup time, almost no maintenance and low running costs. Complements the BOXmaker. Minimize manual handling of boxes, cut time needed for box gluing and subsequently allocate your production resources far more efficiently. The LN-2400 is the ultimate choice for short and medium run corrugated box gluing.

Let us improve your corrugated production!

Our BOXmaker machines are highly flexible and versatile. With the BOXmaker, your corrugated cardboard box production will reach new heights when it comes to responsiveness and affordability. Jumbo boxes, small boxes, short, medium and long runs. Quick setups, high flexibility and a possibility to create your own configuration the way your see fit. Reach out to us for a free consultation or to get a quote.


Mains voltage - 3x380V

Energy consumption - 0,55KW

Working width - 2400mm

Thickness of cardboard - 2,5-8mm

Max plate dimensions - 1200mm X 2400mm

Min plate dimensions - 300mm X 700mm

Capacity - 1500 pcs/h