Slotting knives and creasing wheels with glue flap knives subassemblies.

Cutting parts

Slotting knives subassembly components

We offer a complete suite of spare parts for our machines. Regarding the slotting area, we supply lower and upper cutting knives. This includes either refurbished or new knives. The parts are supplied separately. Therefore, there is no need to procure an entire set if it is not necessary. Furthermore, we can supply extra material for transversal creasing tool.

Blades and knives

All of the components used for cutting

We provide all of the expendable components used for cutting. Any spare knife, blade, circular knife will be shipped to you quickly and efficiently. The circular knife for the cross cut needs to be pre ordered and there is a wait time of about a week.

Cross cut blade cutting excess cardboard on the plate length
BOXmaker pneumatic system

Pneumatic system

Spare parts and pneumatic system components for the BOXmaker

Utilizing SMC Japan pneumatic components, there are two ways to procure components of the BOXmaker pneumatic system. One would be to order from us and the other one from SMC directly. Either way works for end user as the components are standard easily replaceable and available around the world.

Electric and electronic components

Motors, switches, drivers, etc.

Utilizing Lenze, Siemens, Allen-Bradley or Omron electronic system components it is easy to maintain the electronics and electrics of the BOXmaker. All of the components are available for ordering. We can supply any part of the system. Furthermore, we ship worldwide. Also, all of the manufacturers of the components we use,

Electric cabinet with PLC, servo drivers on the corrugated cardboard machine BOXmaker

BOXmaker parts, components and services

We offer a complete suite of services, parts and components to intervene in any situation you may encounter during production on our machines. Whether the malfunction being a byproduct of improper operator handling or a consequence of wear and tear, we got you covered. Our teams intervene in short notice, whether it was on site intervention or a remote software update.

After sales support and maintenance

Our BOXmaker machines are highly flexible and versatile. We believe that our relationship doesn’t stop after the delivery or after the warranty period has ended. We provide continuous support to our clients, old and new. Along with maintenance and service, we also provide bespoke solutions