Plastic molding tool

Plastic molding tools

Design, engineering and fabrication

We produce plastic molding tools according to client specification. With years of experience in fabricating and machining metal products, production of molds comes only natural to us. We will fabricate tools according to your specification. We can either create tools according to your design, the design of the product or we can do the measurements and the design, engineering and fabrication of tool.

Complete solutions

We fabricate use ready molds

Furthermore, we provide services of refurbishing or fabrication of distinct parts of your already existing plastic molding tools. Polishing of surfaces, grinding and milling or production of brand new parts.

Plastic molding tool for blown plastic


Plastic molding tools are an essential piece of production of inflated plastic packaging. It is imperative that these tools are made with high precision using only top quality material. We deliver this by using top of the line machines and cutting tools and utilizing the supreme know-how and experience of our engineering team.

Let us improve your corrugated production!

Our BOXmaker machines are highly flexible and versatile. With the BOXmaker, your corrugated cardboard box production will reach new heights when it comes to responsiveness and affordability. Jumbo boxes, small boxes, short, medium and long runs. Quick setups, high flexibility and a possibility to create your own configuration the way your see fit. Reach out to us for a free consultation or to get a quote.