After purchasing one machine, the client went for a second BOXmaker to round up a complete production cycle.

Client: PPHU Jakubiak

Category: Production equipment

Date: April 2019, November 2019

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Initially, the client bought a BOXmaker MULTI 2400S. The orders began skyrocketing as the machine delivered even more than expected.

Two BOXmakers - a manually and an automatically setup
Flexibility and speed
Fully covered production range

Today, the machines produced over a million boxes with only regular maintenance. The company is on their way of purchasing a third, brand new BOXmaker ULTRA for corrugated material which is denser than 1000 grams per square meter. The machine is coming in 2021 and the client will be the first to receive this product.

One of our most faithful customers, this company is open for other client visits and it is possible to organize a meeting for reviewing the machines and seeing them in production.