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Machine specifics

Tools and modules illustration

The cross cutting tool serves the purpose of cutting off excess material thus enabling for multiple boxes to be made from single panel of cardboard. The blade runs across the width and cuts in the direction of the flute.

The scalpel tool serves the purpose of cutting off surplus cardboard on the glue flaps or excess cardboard along the length, as well as allowing for more variations of boxes to be made. FEFCO 204 is an example of usage of this module.

The handholder tool, as its name suggests, creates handholder openings, but can also be used for other openings on the box.

The auto setup creasing wheels are able to pull up when needed, in order to save cardboard. Glue flap knives are integrated in this unit.

Automatically setup position of slotting knives achieved via servo/threaded spindle drivetrain.

The printing unit is capable of outputting single color prints of up to 150mm of width and 470mm length, making it the perfect choice for standard transportation box markings. The imprint can be repeated on all four sides of the box.

Developed with single pass functionality in mind, the gluing module rounds up the box production process and allows for a more flexible production cycle. It consists of an external glue tank and internal glue applicator – injector. The unit is servo powered and moves at speeds up to 1m/s. Fine tuning of glue application available.

Auto feeding table with driven wheel and an adjustable supporting table. Good for plates that are no wider than 1000mm and no longer than 2500mm.

Servo motor powered machine. Servos and electronic system completely made with Lenze components.